It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business- 3 NFL Teams File Relocation Papers

The NFL regular season is over, playoffs begin shortly, however, much focus is on which team(s) will be relocating to LA. There is a sense of urgency in the NFL amongst the owners to get this resolved. No surprise there, the expeditious manner of how this is being treated takes into consider the emotional and financial nature of the situation. Out of the 32 owners in the league, 24 votes are required in order for the decision to be made. Speculation is that the decision will be made within the next two weeks.

The three teams in question (in case you have been living under a rock) are the San Diego Chargers, St.Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders. Each of these teams have called LA home at one time or another. The Raiders have flip-flopped. Originally the Raiders called Oakland home from 1960-1981, the organization moved to LA where they became the LA Raiders from 1982-1994. Consequently, the organization moved back to the Bay area and once again became the Oakland Raiders until present. The St. Louis Rams also have their respective history in Los Angeles. The Rams originated in Cleveland, moved to LA in 1946 where they remained until 1994 when they moved out to St. Louis. The Chargers spent their first season in LA in 1960, however, moved down south to San Diego where they have inhabited ever since.

All three of these organizations have had their share of accomplishment. Despite the success, all three teams are among the league’s least valuable franchises. It comes as no surprise that the Rams and the Raiders are not rolling in the doe like many of their counterparts. Both teams have been at the bottom of the league in attendance records every year since 2009. Still, diehard fans are taking the desire to move personally.

The plight of those fans is not a priority. The NFL is a business, each team will do what is most profitable for them. It’s not personal, just business. Any team that relocates to LA stands to raise the value of their franchise by $1 billion. The NFL will make their money too, any team that relocates must pay a $550 million dollar relocation fee.

Each team filed their papers to relocate. The Chargers and Raiders joined forces with their stadium plans for Carson. While, the Rams have their stadium location set for Inglewood. Rams owner Stan Kroenke plans to go ahead with the stadium plans regardless of the decision.

LA is a large market. Nonetheless, it is no secret that LA is entertainment first. Film will always be number one in Hollywood, passionate sports fans are difficult to come by. Will the lack of sports fans affect the ticket sales for the upcoming team(s)? Hardly. LA has plenty of transplants that will go to see their respective teams play. Hollywood types will flock to be seen and take selfies. Corporate types will own the dozens and dozens of opulent luxury boxes that fill the stadium(s). Tourists will seek to experience an NFL game in Los Angeles. Maybe, just maybe after some of the bitterness wears off, Raider, Charger, or Rams fans will travel to LA to see the team they love.





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