Curry-Less Warriors Rally Back to Upset Trailblazers

In case, you have been living under a rock during the 2015-16 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors are pretty damn good. Yes, they have set a single-season record at 73-9 after winning an NBA championship, however, that was in the past. The playoffs are now.

Warriors powerhouse Steph Curry tweaked his ankle in game 1 of the series against the Rockets, then went down with a knee injury in game 4 and has not played since. Curry’s absence has done little to deter the Warriors from proving to the naysayers that with or without Steph Curry they are in essence, a force to be reckoned with. It’s safe to say the Warriors are looking to silence the critics.

Down by 17 after a strong offensive showing by Portland in game 2 in the Western Conference semifinals series, the Warriors battled back to knock the wind out of the Trailblazers. No doubt, the 1 hour and 17 min flight back to Portland felt more like ten. The Trailblazers were on the verge of beating the Warriors, a feat they accomplished in the regular season when the walls came crashing down. Big man Festus Ezeli who has been a non-factor since coming back from his injury showed little rust against Portland, scoring 8 pts, with 1 block in less than thirteen minutes. Klay Thompson continued his playoff magic turning it on in the second half and finished the game with 27 pts. While¬†the Warriors defense looked uncharacteristically¬†out of sorts in the first half, they rebounded in a big fashion when the chips were down. With 17 pts and 4 blocks, the backbone of the Warriors defense Draymond Green lit up the crowd at Oracle Arena to remind fans that the game is not over until it’s over.

The Warriors can beat the Trailblazers without Steph Curry. Yet, Curry is scheduled to return for Game 3. A sprained MCL is no joke, reaggravating the injury or even worse could be the end of the Warriors season. This team is talented enough to get to the conference finals without Curry, but hoisting the O’Brien trophy is another story. Curry needs to be treated with kid gloves. A healthy Steph Curry will carry the Warriors to another championship. GM Bob Myers needs to put his trust in this team and make sure Curry is 100% before he steps foot on the court. At the very least, hold off Curry’s return until the Warriors lose a game.


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