Jets Drama

General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, New York Jets…. Sounds about right. The season has not even begun yet, and the New York Jets are knee length in drama. It has become quite apparent that Rex Ryan loves attention. He could not have picked a better place to get his fix than New York City.

The acquisition of Golden Boy Tim Tebow in the off- season secured that the Jets would be the talk of training camp. Underachieving quarterback Mark Sanchez welcomed Tebow with open arms as people everywhere held their breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Slimmed down cocky, coach Rex Ryan defended the bizarre move acquiring Tebow hinting that it was part of some great plan. Yes, that master plan is inserting Tebow in red zone situations or when running the Wildcat. GENIUS. With every breath Ryan takes, I am waiting to hear another Super Bowl guarantee. Newsflash Rex, you need to win ball games to get to the Super Bowl.

Often troubled Santonio Holmes expressed his opinion on having two QB’s late July, when the press asked him if he thinks it could work, “No, I don’t think so because you have to let one quarterback get in the rhythm of a game.” Rex Ryan expressed his distaste toward Holmes comment when he told reporters, “I brought Santonio in here to be a receiver. Not to be the offensive coordinator. And that’s the way it is.” Oh, gotta love Rexy.

Just a week into training camp, Antonio Cromartie made comments on ESPN’s First Take calling himself the 2nd best receiver on the Jets. Newly acquired wide receiver Chaz Schilens took offense to Cromartie’s comments prompting Coach Ryan to intercept and tell press, “I’m going to say this right now, listen to me when I tell you this, I’m aware of what was said. OK? I’m on top of it, I’m telling you that right now. I’m on top of it, and it will not be a problem. And that’s all that I’m going to say about the whole thing.” That comment would mean that Ryan has control over his team, which is apparent that he does not.

With twenty-three more days until the Jets season opener anything can happen. After suffering a rib injury in an intersquad scrimmage this past Saturday, Holmes is listed day-to-day. With a great deal of injuries so far in the preseason, the Jets may let Holmes have the next three weeks off. A bored Santonio could mean a vocal Santonio. Time will tell. Is the riff between Sanchez and Holmes over?

While Sanchez works on becoming the leader he was NOT on the field last season, his other half Tebow poses half naked on the cover of GQ.Virginal Tebow seems like a good fit for the attention-needy New York Jets.

Across town, the New York Giants are doing what they do best. Coming off their second Super Bowl win in five years, the Giants are flying under the radar lead by their star quarterback Eli Manning. Manning, who set franchise records for pass attempts, passing yards, and completions in 2011 was among the Giants that hosted  a family of one of the victims of the Colorado movie theater massacre. When their not doing virtuous deeds, they are spending time welcoming their various new additions to the Giants family. Drama is not what they do best; the New York Jets hold that title.

Drama is an un-welcome distraction. Believing that the Jets will embrace their issues to win the Super Bowl this year is a joke. A joke, just like saying that Tony Romo is an elite QB, or that Brett Favre will finally go away and enjoy his retirement. If I want drama I turn on General Hospital. It is going to be a long season for Jets fans.


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