Mayweather is returning to the ring…

Just when I though the soap opera called boxing couldn’t entertain me any more, it goes and does just that. According to reports on, Floyd Mayweather Jr.(41-0, 25 KOs), will make his highly anticipated (by most) return to the ring in September when he fights Man…
Oops….I mean, Victor Ortiz.
Naturally right handed, twenty-four year old Ortiz developed into a southpaw after coming to the conclusion that he possess more strength on his left side. In 33 fights, Ortiz is (29-2-2,22 KO’s.) He was named ESPN’s Boxing Prospect of the Year¬†in 2008 and his aggressive style undoubtedly is the reason for his nickname “Vicious”.
There is no doubt that Ortiz will be a worthy opponent to 34-year-old Mayweather. The young bruiser has something to prove and beating Mayweather would be just what he needs to introduce him to the big money.
Mayweather hasn’t fought in over a year since his fight on May 1, 2010 with past his prime Sugar Shane Mosley. Mayweather claims he will be ready for this fight and welcomes the challenge. I for one believe he is just welcoming the paycheck in hopes of setting him up for the biggest payday of his career, a showdown between him and the Pac-Man. He shouldn’t get too ahead of himself. Some believe that Mayweather may be underestimating the heart and passion of young Ortiz, who has youth, power, and a definite size advantage over Mayweather.
This fight will be one to watch. But, face it, it is just another stepping-stone to the one fight people really want to see: Pacquiao-Mayweather. Pacquiao is well past his due to fight a worthy opponent and Mayweather needs to keep to running his mouth in the ring, not the street. A Mayweather win in September would ultimately put Mayweather and Pacquiao on schedule for a May 2012 meeting barring no drama.
The outcome of the Ortiz-Mayweather fight will either result in an inevitable match between Pacquiao and Mayweather or the end of Mayweather’s career. Scratch that, the end of Mayweather’s career in any way that counts. If he loses this fight, he will go on to fight no- names until he can’t walk anymore like most of the greats do, only to collect their paycheck. A Mayweather loss on the other hand, would do wonders for Ortiz, because we all know that would set him up for a fight with Pacquiao. Now that would be a fight worth watching. ¬†Mayweather better make sure he really is ready to come back. The sport of boxing can’t afford to have another great go down in embarrassing fashion like Oscar De La Hoya.

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