Mo Vaughn- Still The MVP

Mo Vaughn does not mind walking anymore, so long as it is down the runway showcasing clothes from his new fashion line, MVP Collection. The former Major League Baseball MVP saw a need for fashionable, affordable menswear designed for big and tall men.

Vaughn says his baseball career afforded him the capital to hire stylists and have suits made for him, yet most men do not have that luxury. Consequently, he witnessed a demand for high quality, affordable lifestyle clothing for men like him. His business partner and current teammate Diane Cutuli said that Mo “made it clear that he wanted to wear the popular lifestyle brands.” However, the clothes did not fit.

The henley t-shirts, indigo button-down oxford shirt, and denim all reflect the clothes that are on trend for the 21st-century man. The clothes are smart, well-designed and made with high-quality fabrics. Plus, the entire line is manufactured in the United States of America.  

indigo oxford

In order to create a competitive product Vaughn says, “you have to be involved in the entire design process.” Mo was willing to learn from Cutuli, who has over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. Undeniably, her guidance has made this business venture a success.

“Educating men about clothes is the key,” says Vaughn. And he is just as much a student as the next guy. Cutuli included stretch denim jeans into the clothing line, prompting him to throw out all the non-stretch denim he had in his closet at home.

Currently, MVP Collections clothing can be purchased online through their website. Some clothing items were sold in Casual Male brick-and-mortar stores during the Christmas season. Moving forward, the team hopes for more opportunities to sell wholesale, internationally, and in specialty stores, goals well within reach.

Digital marketing strategies, strong customer engagement, and a slick web presence featuring Vaughn modeling the clothes yielded a steady increase in sales since the launch of the line in the Fall of 2016.

Cutuli is committed to growing the brand “by being selective” about where the clothes will be sold. Soon this could mean entertaining interested specialty stores, wholesale opportunities, and international vendors.

Mo has not forgotten where he comes from and what made his current business ventures lucrative: baseball. The number 42, a number worn by Vaughn and Jackie Robinson is featured on some of the t-shirts sold on the website. For Vaughn, 42 will always be synonymous with Robinson, who was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era.

“Jackie is a representation of what life is about” Vaughn says, “you have to have humility to go through what he went through as a ball player. “

A quote that undoubtedly represents the approach that 42 took throughout his impactful career is “when they go low, we go high,” (words spoken recently by former First Lady, Michelle Obama.)

Robinson chose to follow the powerful and nonviolent example set by Martin Luther King Jr. Jackie Robinson’s legacy will live on through those who follow in his steps.

You can check out Mo Vaughn’s MVP Collections on his website, follow him on Twitter (movaughn_42) and Instagram (movaughn_42)


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