You Like That?

For the record, I will be a Knicks fan ‘til the day that I die. I often forget why…

It’s possible after last night’s comeback win versus Oklahoma City that I am also a bandwagon Warriors fan. Technically, I’m an old bandwagoner; I rooted for the team for one season way back in 1993. [That was because I loved Chris Webber from his days at Michigan, timeout withstanding.] The Warriors have stolen my heart, not because of a baby-faced assassin with an adorable family. Not because of their old-school enforcer, who is willing to hit ‘em where it hurts- literally. And not even because of the ice cold veins of a guy who willingly takes a backseat to his backcourt mate, who also happens to hold the records for most points in a quarter (37) and most 3-pointers made in a postseason game (11).

Why do I love the Warriors? Because for them, there really is no ‘I’ in team.

They share the basketball. They display true heart and seem to enjoy being around each other. Have I mentioned they won a ton of games this year? Still, the grey beards (many of whom have hoisted as many O’Brien trophies as I have) think the Warriors got ‘lucky’ last year. The ’96 Bulls are rooting for the Thunder so hard, Mama Durant may as well invite them all over for Sunday dinner. Analyst after analyst sips on a fresh cup of daily haterade.

None of this distracts Golden State from their task of kicking ass and taking names, in case you were wondering.

Did anyone expect them to go down in the Western Conference Finals 3-1? Backs up against the wall of history, down by as many as double digits on the road, the defending champs persevered. I could rattle off every sports cliché in the book and still not capture the essence of this team. It’s great for basketball too, as this series has been chock full of drama. Despite Billy Donovan’s claim, in his postgame news conference, that the Thunder are ‘excited’ about game 7, I’d venture to use another adjective : frightened.

As well they ought to be- all the Warriors do is win, win, win, no matter what. If they manage to beat the odds and continue this record- shattering title chase, I might be a fan for life. Game 7 immortality is waiting in the wings. On Monday night, I’ll be in front of a large TV screen, rooting for history. You like that?

Somebody get Kirk Cousins on the line – because I definitely do.


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